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Tuesday 11-7

Wednesday 11-8

Thursday 11-8

Friday & Saturday 11-9

Sunday 12-6

Birthday Parties

•     Ages 5+

•     Private Party Room!  Minimum of 8 painters.

•     $18.75 per child: party area for 2 hours, each child gets a piece of pottery from the party shelf and a free signature plate for the                 

       birthday kid!  Canvas Art birthday parties are $20 per child.  

•     Room fee depends on number in party:  8-15 painters $40, 15-25 painters $60.   

       Room fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the party balance

•     Set up ½ hour before party.  Food, drinks, snacks are welcome.  You are responsible for paper goods, table cloths or any decorations you         may need.  

•     Pieces will be ready for group pick up 8-10 days later by party parents to distribute, Canvas goes home that day!


The following days and times are available to schedule a party:

FRIDAY 5:30-7:30pm OR 6-8pm (Friday parties are limited, please call the studio to check availability)

SATURDAY 12-2pm OR 3-5pm OR 6-8pm

SUNDAY 12:30-2:30pm OR 3:30-5:30pm


*Weekday Times are now available, please call studio for more information.  


Day camps, adult residential homes and others find an outing to The Prancing Pig an enjoyable way to spend time together. Call us to discuss your ideas and needs.


Groups of adults are welcome to celebrate occasions of all kinds including: birthdays, engagements, bridal and baby showers, etc. Many couples enjoy painting with us for a 'date night' as well! Please call us and let us help you plan your special event.


•     PRIVATE Party Room!!  Room Fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the party balance.

•     Painting Party- minimum of 8 painters, please contact studio to create your special event.  Room fee- 8-15 people $50, 15-25  $75

•     Board Art parties- 1-2 designs per group, chosen and prepared in advance.  Please call the studio to create your special event.  Maximum            number for party is 12, Room Fee is $60

•     Set up ½ hour before party.  

•     Pieces will be ready for pick up by group coordinator, the date will be given  on the day of the party.  8-10 days depending on the day of               the party.  


*Parties booked for the 6 p.m. slot on Friday or Sat. can request 8:30 finishing time at no additional cost.  




Painting pottery is a great way to offer employees and clients a fun activity to show your appreciation. Call us and we will help you set up a fun time for your guests. 


*Food and drinks are welcome at all group events!


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